Soldering and Hot Air Station 852Dplus

Soldering and Hot Air Station 852Dplus
Rapid temperature heat up and recovery, fast heat delivery.
Air flow is adjustable.
Air temperature is adjustable.
Metal Heater.
Constant Temperature.
Convenient and safe to operate.


Hot air soldering station specifications.
Power Consumption: 270Watt.
Input Voltage: 110V/AC .
Type of pump: Membranous .
Air flow: 0.3-24L/min. Adjustable .
Pump power: 45Watt.
Heater: 250W metal .
Air temperature: 100ºC-420ºC. Adjustable.


Power Consumption: 60Watt
Output voltage: 24V/AC
Temperature range: 200ºC-480ºC
Bulk: 187mm * 135mm * 245mm
Weight: 9 Lbs
Packing list: 852D+ station, soldering tip, soldering tip stand (sponge for cleaning is included), holder for handle of hot air soldering head, nozzles and manual.

Release the pump securing screws (M5*10 red) at the bottom of the machine 852D+ before use. Otherwise it will cause vibration on the unit.

Read the manual carefully before you use this machine.

Ground must be connected for prevention of static release before use.

Don’t put any other metal article near the soldering tip net. Otherwise damage or electric shock will occur.

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