Soldering and Hot Air Station 852

Soldering and Hot Air Station 852

The key features

  • Rapid temperature heat up and
    recovery, fast heat delivery.
  • Air flow is adjustable.
  • Air temperature is adjustable.
  • Metal Heater.
  • Constant Temperature
  • Convenient and safe to

Hot air soldering station specifications

Power Consumption 270Watt
Input Voltage 110V/AC or 220V/AC
Type of pump Membranous
Air flow 0.3-24L/min. Adjustable
Pump power 45Watt
Heater 250W metal
Air temperature 100ºC-420ºC.


Soldering station specifications

Power Consumption 60Watt
Output voltage 24V/AC
Temperature range 200ºC-480ºC
Bulk 187mm * 135mm *
Weight 7 Lbs

Package list

852 station, soldering tip, soldering tip stand
(sponge for cleaning is included), holder for handle of
hot air soldering head, nozzles and manual. 

*Note: We do offer 110V/AC or 220V/AC for US customer
and Europe customer. Please put down which input voltage
you need in the order.


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