Media Packaging



We carry the highest quality products at competitive prices and provide top-notch customer service to meet our clients’ needs for any optical media packaging.Over 1500 products are stocked at our 32,000 square feet Lavista NE facility.


Key products include :-
Taiyo Yuden,Ridata Ritek, Spin X,Phillips,LDBPRO and other brands,Dual Layer DVD-R,Blu-Ray Disc,1 to 6 CD Jewel Cases, 1-14 DVD Cases,Blu-Ray and HD DVD case,CD/DVD Digitray, C Shell,D Shell,Poly Cases,Tin Case,Variopac/Trigger Case, CD & Landscape Calendar Cases,Cake Box,VHS Library Case, Sleeves,Cardboard Mailers,Wallets,Labels,Inserts,specialty cases like SD Card Case, Business Card Case, Mini CD Case, PS3 Game Case, Digiphoto Case,XBOX 360 Cases,UMD Case,and others.



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