Frequency / Multifunction Counter

Frequency Counter/Multifunction Counter


  • Multifunction Counter TFC2700L Multifunction Counter (10Hz¡«2700MHz) TFC2700L Key Features..!! Contents 10Hz~2700MHz multifunction counter. Eight digits LED display. Frequency, period, totalizer and self-check functions. Single chip microcontroller. Small size, and low price. Convenient and safe to operate.. General Specifications..!! Contents Description Input Voltage 110V/AC Display 8 digits green LED display Warm-up time 20 minutes Temperature -5ºC ~ 50ºC Dimension 207mm x 85mm x 255mm Weight 5 lbs Humidity 10% ~ 90%RH 
  • NEW 1Hz to 1 Ghz High Protection Frequency Counter LDB TFC1000L High Protection Frequency Counter LDB TFC1000LDetailed Product Description :-TFC-1000L High Protection Frequency Counter,1Hz to 1.0GHz,very useful for testing and measuremnent in the laboratory. TFC-1000L High Protection Frequency Counter Product Details:- Frequency counter TFC-1000 1) High-resolution multifunction intelligent frequency counter 2) Frequency ,period and equal-precisi Specifications: 1) 8 digital LED display,clear reading 2) Selective range ,high stability 3) Frequency measurement range:0.01s ,0.1s,1s 4) Attenuation:20d B 5) Input impedance:1Mƒ¶ 6) Size:315~270~150mm 7) Wight:2.2kg
  • Intelligent Frequency Resolution Counter VC3165 VC3165 Contents Based on microprocessor. Frequency, period and equal-precision measurement. 8 digit LED display. Range from 0.01Hz to 2.4GHz. stability and low cost. Convenient and safe to operate. Technical Specifications. 1) CH. A (0.01Hz – 50MHz) Frequency: DC couple 0.01Hz to 100Hz, AC couple 100Hz to 50MHz Sensitivity: DC 0.01Hz to 1Hz less than 500m Vp-p AC 100Hz to 50MHz less than 80m Vrms 1Hz to 100Hz less than 80m Vrms 2) ...