Dual Trace Oscilloscope, MOS620CH

Dual Trace Oscilloscope MOS620CH
High intensity CRT with high acceleration voltage.
Trigger level lock function which makes the triggering adjustment unnecessary..
Alternate triggering: Even an observation of two waveforms of different frequencies, the waveform of each channel is stably triggered..
TV sync triggering: The oscilloscope has a sync separator circuit for triggering of TV-V and TV-H signals.
X-Y operation: Set the switch to X-Y. Then the instrument works as an X-Y oscilloscope. CH1 can be applied as horizontal deflection (X-axis) while CH2 provide vertical deflection (Y-axis).


Triggering Source CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT(CH1and CH2 can be selected only when the vertical mode is DUAL or ADD). In ALT mode, if the TRIG.ALT switch is pushed in, it can be used for alternate triggering of two different sources.
Coupling AC: 20Hz to full bandwidth
Slope +/-
Sensitivity 20Hz~2MHz: 0.5DIV, TRIG-ALT:2 DIV, EXT:200mV
2-20MHz: 1.5 DIV
TV: Sync Pulse more than 1 DIV(EXT: 1V)
Triggering Modes AUTO: Sweeps run in the free mode when no triggering input signal is applied. (Applicable for repetitive signals of frequency 25Hz or over).
NORM: When no triggering signal is applied, the trace is in the ready state and not displayed.
TV-V: This setting is used when observing the entire vertical picture of television signal.
TV-H: This setting id used when observing the entire horizontal picture of television signal.
EXT triggering  signal input
Input impedance Max. Input Voltage   
Approx: 1M ohm//Approx. 25 pF
400V (DC+AC peak), AC: Frequency not higher than 1KHz.


Type P31
Phosphor Approx. 2KV
Acceleration voltage Approx. 2kV
Approx. 12kV
Effective screen size 8×10 DIV (1 DIV=10mm (0.39 in))
Graticule Internal
Trace rotation Provided

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