All-In-One Station – Top Model of Rework Station

All-In-One Station - Top Model of Rework Station
All In One Station! Hot Air, Vacuum Pump, Soldering Gun. .!!!
ESD Safe Unit..
De-soldering gun with vacuum pump..
Air Flow gauge and knob adjustment for the hot air flow..
Microprocessor precisely controls temperature and airflow..
Digital display of hot air set and actual temperature as well as its airflow..
Hot Air Gun is also designed with a unique 15-minute stand-by auto sleep mode. It will return to the previous setting when the handle is lifted up again..
Auto cool-off process that leaves the blower on until the nozzle is cool, this prolongs life of the heating element and to ensure safety..
Maintains a constant set temperature when the set and the value is reached..
Lead Free Type Soldering Iron – heats up very quickly and has a smoke absorber..

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