1 LDB 25MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope w/LCD

1 LDB DQ2025CN 25MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope w/LCD
Key Contents
250MSa/s~1GSa/s sampling rate.
2 X 512K words per channel record length.
FFT function.
Auto-setting for quick setup and waveform acquisition.
5.7-inch color/black-white LCD display, multicolor interface available .
Advanced cursor modes:manual, auto and track .
USB-HOST/DEVICE, RS232 interface.


Type :5.7″ rectangle color LCD
Backlight intensity:60cd/m2
Display resolution: 320 horizontal x 240 vertical pixels
Display contrast:Adjustable


Horizontal System
SEC/DIV range:5ns~5s/DIV
Sampling rate range:250MSa/s
Wave forn interplation:
Record length:2 x 512k/channel
Sampling rate and delay Time accuracy: ¡À100ppm over any
¡Ý1mS time interval
Delta time Measurement accuracy:¡À(1 sampling interval time+ 100ppm x rdg +0.6nS)
Vertical System
Sensitivity and accuracy: 2mV / DIV~5V / DIV
Vertical resolution:8 bit
Width of band (-3dB):DC(AC 10Hz) ~25MHz (DQ2025)
Rise time:¡Ü14ns
Sing-shot band width: 25MHz
Input coupling:DC , GND , AC
DC gain accuracy:¡À4%(2mV/DIV)¡À3% 5mV/DIV~5V/DIV)
Delta voltage measurement accuracy::¡À(3%Rdg+0.05DIV)


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